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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Unwritten Stories that Should be Written

  • Is the Third Party NYKO Sensor Bar better than the original? The existence of it suggests a need for it, but is there a need for it? For who would it be a good investment? How about those homemade sensor bars?

  • Ease of Use. What are the fan sites overlooking that may need to be explained?

  • Not just reviews but actual tips on playing games. There has never been any game controller like the Wii remote. Tip stories deserve merit.

  • Wii Jokes. And not the old kind. New ones, ones that aren't just puns but that rock the mullet. People take a console with such a silly name very seriously.

  • Out of the box glitches--glitches on the Wii itself, and how to avoid and correct them.

  • More personal experiences. If someone holds a Wii tournament, well, technically a Wii blog is still a blog. An original story on that experience, ( and what worked well, what didn't, tips for others), would be a refreshing story.

  • Lastly, criticism and praise for the Wii blogosphere. Never dissing or naming any Wii blogs, but some of them appear to be merely taking the first paragraph stories from other sites, giving one sentence of original opinion, putting a link to the story on the end, and posting another one every ten minutes. In contrast, this blog has stories that are too long, updating not that often, and well there's not much left to say until if I actually get a Nintendo Wii.

These are the sort of stories I would love to see on Wii blogs; other Wii blogs, as well as this one.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Victims of Fanboyism: Can we all get along?

There is something dreadfully contagious that is spreading across the Wii (and general gaming) blogosphere, forums, and fan sites. A few remain to be unaffected. I, did not know much about this until I came into contact with it myself. It happened slowly and aimed to consume me. It was awful. It showed up in the posts, in the comments. I... became affected by something I previously sought to avoid at all costs! This phenomena is referred to, by the experts, as fanboyism.

I used to deny its prevalence and even its existence. The occurrence of someone taking pride in something that he did not create, explaining a work that was not his piece of art, defending the philosophies and emphases of a product of which he did not sit in the company meetings and develop. Nay, for I am not even a company employee.

Alright, enough with the dramatics. I observe that, on occasion, people will needlessly align themselves with a company or person, stick with them at all costs, and throw themselves forward to shield the verbal Q-tip arrows shot at said company. I came face to face with this harsh reality too, recently. I understand doing this if you work there or you know the person, but I don't understand why someone would take pride, and almost a sort of ownership, of a product that we didn't envision, toil over, create.

I am just fine with someone not liking the Wii. It's all about different tastes and things when it comes to entertainment. Imagine what it would be like if people succumbed to fanboyism when it came to things like people who make music (wait, way too late).

The point is that Nintendo is a great company. They can defend themselves. I think their product is great, but that doesn't mean I should be criticizing people who prefer other things. It's just a product! If you boil it down, all three of the major video game console producers want to make money off of us (of course, some are more blatant about it than others). That's how our economy works.

The Nintendo Wii will not fulfill me, the company is not going to hug me when I'm sad or shield me from danger, and it does not expect that from its fans either.

I need to say that, as it happened before, I could end up being a fan of Microsoft again someday if the next system they come out with is affordable. Before the Xbox (hard to imagine such a time, right?), I played the N64. Now I play the Xbox 1, with a bit of Game boy Advance on the side, saving up money for the Wii. Maybe I'll end up being a fan of Sony when the PS4 comes out, it's all about what's affordable. For some people, it's all about what will have the best graphics at any cost. That's good for them.

For others, it is only about the fact that a certain company made a system, and that's ridiculous if you think about it.

The point is that whatever you like, alright.

If you like the PlayStation 3, fine. But don't ever say things like "Ha ha, you can't afford it." You're jumping Jehoshaphat right I can't afford it! I can't afford a Wii. But this was just one person. There's probably a jerk somewhere who says "ha ha, you can't afford the premium dictionary." People who own PS3s, though rarer, are probably really nice people.

If you're a fan of Xbox 360, that's fine too. LAN parties and Halo 3, right? I've thrown many Halo 2 parties and I hope that you will invite me! If you think it's worth it, well that's your money. But don't ever say things like "the Wii is for immature people" as you turn around and play a 360 game where you... pretend to chainsaw someone's face for entertainment (somehow that's "mature"?).

If you own a Wii, don't throw your controller into the TV.

If you own all three... now that's just wrong.

That was just a little fun and joking. I have to say that, because someone might think I'm dissing "their" gaming system.

Here's the deal. If you buy a product, it does not mean you become a part of the product or even vice-versa. You are not an Xbox 360; you are not a PS3; you and I are not a Wii (or are we?). Chances are, you are not on the staff who made the console. If you are, then you made a great product and you probably don't want to dis the other systems because you know the hard work that goes into them. That would sting hard. This needs to become my mantra.

In actuality, most people who own a video game system do not get enraptured into a daze of fanboyism. Of course, you think a product is cool, and you want to share it with other people because you want to feel confident in your purchase. But it is rare that someone will assert that the product they bought is better than the other person's.

You bought something. I bought something. There's pros and cons. Who cares? Fanboyism in this generation of consoles may have started as a sort of fun dance but now it's getting to a point like the new denominations are going to secede based on what video game system you like.

Remember when we all used to be just regular people who liked to play video games in addition to other things?

As Sapadrew, (coauthor of this blog) said, "Wii is awesome 360 is awesome and PS3 is awesome! Why can't people just hold hands and sing about our great virtual world? lol"

Someday soon, Sapa. Someday soon.


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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nintendo Wii: REPriiSENT Comic 7!

Mario gets introduced to one of the Wii's Channels.

*Rimshot* Duh-dum-CHISH!

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Starfox 64 for Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console!

Yeah yeah, I know that I strut REPriiSENT as being a blog with only original stuff on it that isn't everywhere else on the internet, but this is Special, and--hold on--there are original stories behind this!

Long ago, Starfox 64 was the first video game demo I ever played. I remember playing it in stores and being surprised by how the controller shook... it was the first time I experienced controller rumble. I was so excited when we had a copy of it in our home. Rumble wasn't built into controllers those days, so the game came packaged with a Rumble Pak! (there's no "c" in the word "pack", so cool.)

oh look! There's that KA for "Kids to Adults" rating I talked about in my last post.

The game also featured multiple ways to get through the game, many "routes." In the first level, which route you took depended on whether you could save Falco (one of the main character's friends), and if you did save him, he would show you a shortcut through a waterfall that would take you to fight a different boss than if you didn't go into it. Things like these determined if the next level you went to was on the hard, medium, or easy track, and you could go back and forth between them depending on scenarios within the game. This equaled (now equals) many possibilities.

Memories range from crashing into the mountains at the beginning and hearing Slippy (one of the main character's friends) say "Nooooooooo... !", to finding out the cool thing that happens when I was finally able to save Falco on the first level, and doing barrel rolls to make the laser bullets of enemies bounce off... and multiplayer was fun too... and... and...

In short, Starfox 64 was my first favorite video game. It featured rumble, a branching storyline, cool 3-D graphics... and it was definitely a challenge. This was one of the greatest games that anyone could play. I anticipate hearing how true this version is to the original, and I'd drop ten bucks to see how I could play it now.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Microsoft, Ahem, Wii is not just for Kids.

A manager of XBOX recently typecasted (right word?) the Wii. He was quoted in an New York Times story which was quoted on Sickr (an almost daily posted-upon Wii blog)

“We don’t feel like the Wii customer and the Xbox customer are the same thing,” he said. “We think that as soon as the Wii customer turns 14 they want something else.”

- John Rodman, group product manager for the Xbox and Xbox LIVE

What else? "Overpriced gaming systems that largely market pretend killing as entertainment? I’ll pass," (how I commented on the Sickr blog).

The thing that I see the Wii doing is really going to back to more to what gaming was like when it first started. Or rather, what games were like when they first started... What I mean is that with the other consoles, you rarely see a game that is marketed to everyone. Take a good, long look at other consoles' games, just go to the store and look at the front of the game boxes of the previous system by the company, because that's what the games will be like.

You see mostly violent games geared for "people over 14", several really over-the-top games as far as offensive content for what is supposed to be considered "mature" (like it's something we're supposed to grow into), and then a few overly-kiddy games. (And I'm supposed to pay 4 hundred dollars for it?)

None of the games in those categories really appeal to me! I would have to work pretty hard to find a game that is meant to be fun for teenagers and adults to play that doesn't have the idea of me supposed to be getting pleasure out of something wrong.

Then came the Wii.

Yes, the Wii has a few really really really kiddy games, but at the same time, they have many games that are accessible to everyone with very little emphasis on blood and crime games.

At the beginning of consoles, the games were mostly for everyone. Mario, Zelda, Pong, Tetris, etc. If there ever was a game that wasn't for young'n's it probably was because it was too complicated, not because of offensive content.

The ESRB (rating peoples of games) used to have a rating that was "KA" for "Kids to Adults," meaning that it was a game that Adults could enjoy with nothing offensive. A lot of the games for the Wii warrant me saying that this rating needs to come back into circulation.

The Wii pushes the envelope with its unique fun-ness while other consoles push the envelopes of price, graphics, and violence, sex, crime, fill-in-the-blank-here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nintencast Members on Overlooked Wii Games

Reporting from the forums! This is the second time we've visited Nintencast with a question, and like the last time, there were lots of great answers.

The question: Are there any games for the Wii that you personally think are great but are overlooked? If so, why do you think they're good?

-Myles- - I actually don't believe any good Wii game has been overlooked yet, they are each getting great coverage.

Ridstar - I think Wii Play got overlooked. People I know can't really decide whether it's a great game or not. It might not reach up to the standards of Wii Sports, but it's got a great bunch of mini-games that anybody of any age can get into.

Wii Play

THE TWILIGHT PRINCE - i think Sonic will get overlooked, as many people will have though "Oh its another crappy 3d sonic game" and they will put it back down

Kingstevie - I think Wii Sports is overlooked by the reviewers. I don't think enough people realize the genius that it is. It was very annoying to see it recieving very bad review scores, but it is a massive hit anyway.

Chuck_Norris - I don't think there have actually been enough games released for any to get overlooked. Some have sold too well *cough* REDSTEEL *cough* but the quality ones have sold the right amount in my opinion.

Nintencast covers news on the Wii, as well as the the hand-held DS, news and features a podcast and (as you can see) a thriving community. Thanks Guys!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I know it has been awhile but it is kind of hard to write about something you don't own. Yes, all this time I have not actually owned a Nintendo Wii. Sapadrew does. So, I guess that's a lot of skill, I mean, imagine how good it is when I actually own what I'm talking about.

I guess this is a bit unprofessional, but it is better than nothing. If you're looking for Wii news, I regularly update the Shared Items box in the bottom module of the sidebar to the right. There's some interesting stuff there.

You can also tell us what stories you would like to see and what you would like to be featured on the site.

That's all!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Virtual On Wishes

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On is an old arcade game from the 1990s that was made by SEGA featuring twin joysticks (flightstick style) to control a Mech (giant robot) in originally one-on-one, but expanded to, two-on-two battles in the third sequel. This game has used a lot of my friends quarters; we've had lots of fun with this 25 cent per play game!

It's kind of like a third-person fighting game with explosives.

Apparently there was also an edition that came out for PlayStation 2 that didn't sell very well in the United States. I believe that the Wii's Nunchuck-Wiimote combo would be a great platform for a fun, new, and sophisticated game with controls akin to what the controls were originally. I know that this would work because I've played a mini game of Super Monkey Ball that uses a similar controlling method to fly spaceships. The point is that I know that the Wii is very well capable of such a fun controlling technique. Maybe this sounds a bit over-the-top but I believe that Virtual On could be for the Wii what Halo is for the Xbox.

SEGA has made many games for Nintendo consoles including Wii, so it's very conceivable for SEGA to make such a game.

There's a demand for an Online-enabled competitive game for the Wii. There's actually a large market for them, even full-scale online Virtual On communities. I've been trying to join an online community to ask them what they think (and to ask them to email SEGA), but in order to join you have to send an email, and none of their email addresses have worked for me yet. If you're listening,, I would like to join!

Random tangent aside, I believe that such a competitive title would make for a great game to play on Wii system-link and on online play. The Wiimote and Nunchuck would work as well as, if not better than, the dual handheld flightsticks. Maybe they have the first version in your arcade, I would say to check it out and to email SEGA!
PS: Sorry about the recent lack of posts, yesterday I was having a little trouble uploading the second screenshot into this post!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WiiConnect24 Pros and Cons

The Wii is great for playing with friends and family in real life, but will it ever be good for playing across an internet connection? Will WiiConnect24 take off soon? I'm not talking about being able to check the weather, download a retro game or vote for your favorite Holiday, I'm talking about online multiplayer.

WiiConnect24's official symbol

Even though there are not any online-multiplayer-capable games yet in the United States, the fact that the Wii has free online multiplayer sounds attractive. No other system has free online--alright, the Playstation 3 claims to have free online, but Six Hundred Dollars for the system?... I think you're paying for it.

There are some pros and cons about the Wii's friend code system. Gamers hope that Nintendo will ensure that all games are attached to the same friend code, for ease and to allow you to send cross-game invites. If the Wii will have the fluidity of Xbox's Gamertags with the natural consequences associated with friend codes, it would be a sure success.

What are these natural friend code consequences that I am speaking of? Let me put it this way, on the Xbox, any person with some money to spare can get online, find a game and be a jerk to all the people and then do it again and again. With the Friend Code system, you'd only be playing with people you want to play with, largely only with people you know in real life or maybe you saw their friend code on a gaming forum. If someone is mean... well, they won't have anyone to play with.

But what if there is rarely anyone to play with, even for non-jerks? The beauty of Xbox LIVE was that you could always eventually find a game through a service called "Optimatch" which matched you up with random players based on the criteria you select. Now, it's the time for finding people to play with somehow and entering long, unwieldly friend codes.

Of course, the Wii is largely popular, but I doubt that everyone who bought the Wii got it with the intention of playing online. I believe that because WiiConnect24 is free, if game manuals contain information on online play inside them (like tips on strategizing with your teammates), people would have to at least check it out.

What about GAMES? Well, a game I am getting excited about is Battalion Wars 2. I don't know a whole lot about it except for what it says on the Nintendo Wii page, including the fact that it says "Online Play" in the features. Below is a screenshot. (No, I do not have a copy of an unreleased game I found it on the Internet silly goose.)

Looks strategical.

Another game I would like to see have online multiplayer is Metriod Prime 3, but online multiplayer is not mentioned in the description of it. It was originally going to be launched with the Wii, and the release has been delayed. Because the Metroid game for the handheld Nintendo DS has online capability, we can hope that the delay is for online multiplayer capability!

I'm not sure if there are any sketchy things that would make me not want to get the game even for single player, but either way, the more online-capable games, the better! Eventually non-online games will have to compete with games that have online capability, which will hopefully lead to more online multiplayer games.

The social aspect of the Wii is what draws a lot of people into it, and hopefully there can be this same social aspect over online play.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

SD's Three Nintendo Wii Games & Why

Just on the brink of having enough money, SDtektiv considers three games he wants and why.

First, there is a game that hasn't received a lot of attention, but is considered a solid launch title. I was put off a bit by Excite Truck, thinking that I'd prefer to try a more urban driving game such as Need For Speed Carbon, but after one has read reviews saying that the controlling on the new Need For Speed was sketchy, one may gravitate back to the first Wii game one ever played.

Excite Truck. This was the game I had played three times on Demo at a GameStop. I thought they might have selected this game instead of Wii Sports since you are less likely to throw your controller at the TV with "both hands on the wheel!" The driving of Excite Truck feels like driving. It's a launch title, it's a legit. It's fun and that's the point.


You will probably guess which one the second one is when I say that it is one that has recieved lots of attention and praise. Despite that, this was one that I would not have picked had you asked me a month ago. The game is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. People who are not fans of the Wii even a wee bit sometimes finish their opinions on the Wii with "...except for Zelda. That looks awesome." A game like this might not be for everyone, as it contrasts the "Pick-up-and-party-games" that appeal to many people, as this one appears more to be a "Sit-in-a-dark-room-for-hours-for-weeks-till-you-emerge-from-the-depths-having-completed-the-game-or-in-need-of-a-strategy-guide!" I have never finished a Zelda game in my life. Of course, I haven't played that many Zelda games! (like three).

I started to like the new Legend of Zelda when I tried out a demo version of it. The controls were great, it felt free, the visuals were pretty cool, and my only concern about it was if it was eerie or if it had any edgy material in it later on. But, I read a review on Plugged In Online (this place that reviews mainly movies and says precisely what good and bad stuff is in it), and it sounds like for me like there is only a little bit of stuff that might offend my conscience, but not enough to keep me from this legendary adventure game. Plus an adventure sounds like fun.
- SD

The third game is another game that would be completely unlikely for me to want, until I heard of its interactive controls. The game is Madden NFL 07. I was dead-set against sports video games. "I should go outside and play the sport for real!" But, I heard from a friend about the actions of raising your Wiimote and Nunchuck to swat down a pass and other pantomines neccessary to control the action onscreen and I was sold.

That sounds like a much different experience than I've ever had playing a sports game. Plus, my dad and my brother would like playing this game with me. Maybe my mom?

- SD

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sapadrew: "It's Mii"

Well since I saw SD's Mii I felt it would be cool to try it out too. Here is Mii!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nintendo Wii Impressions Interview with Madden17

Phone Interview on February 21, 2007:

SDtektiv: What would you like to be known as?

SDtektiv: How long has the Nintendo Wii been in your house?
Madden17: About a month--exactly a month actually.

What Games have you played on the Wii?
Madden17: I have played Wii Sports, Madden, and the Twilight Princess game.

What is your overall impression of the Nintendo Wii?
I love it. It's nice. It's my favorite gaming system I've played... because you have a lot of freedom when you play it. You know, with the dual hand-set controllers.

Have you noticed any bugs or glitches with it?
Not yet. I'm sure if more games come out there'll probably be some because that's what happens with every game system.

So there's no bugs in the console itself that you've noticed?

What games do you like best that you've played and why?
Madden is fun because it gets you involved physically. That's the same with Wii Sports.

Last Question. Is there something about the Wii that you think is cool that might be overlooked by the press?
Probably the quality of the games because they're great games, and the press just focuses on the motion-sensing technology.

Thank you for your time Madden17! It looks like it turned out good!
If anyone else would like to be interviewed about the Wii or if you have any comments about the story you can leave a comment!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Online Mii Editor, SD Mii Version!

I thought it was pretty cool and others might too. This is like the Halo 2 Emblem Generator of the Wii world. It is the Mii Editor, a work in progress(?) by senocular. Here is the closest thing to a picture of me you'll ever get from me online. Here's Mii, except with a mustache, a Foo Man Chu to be exact.

SD: the Mii Edition

Maybe Sapadrew could make one of himself too!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Apologies

[UPDATED: February 28, 2007 (see bottom of post)]

Today, a former member of this blog was removed for posting a link to a violent video. This video was unoriginal and was likely to have been found somewhere and then regurgitated onto this page. The post and the member have both been removed and I apologize to anyone who viewed the video by accident. Understand that I have friends and family in real life from school and church who view this web page, and the video was unacceptable.

I apologize and want to establish that it went against everything that REPriiSENT is about. REPriiSENT is about creating original and fun articles about the Nintendo Wii, it is not about just surfing YouTube and then posting a sick and twisted video. I understand that our reputation might be tarnished forever, but the remaining members of REPriiSENT will strive to obtain whatever trust was lost, and I understand that it might be years before that trust is regained.

I'm sorry. From now on I'll only allow people that I know really well to join this blog.

-SDtektiv (Feb 15th 2007)

Recently, i posted a video of, well, a bad video. I would like to truly apologize to ANYONE that saw it and was offended. I am sorry, and i hope you all can forgive me

-Face Head (Feb 28th 2007)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nintendo Wii Palooza February 17th Update

At one time I thought that the Nintendo Wii could be a nice alternative to the Xbox 360. Now, after playing both at friends' houses and Demos at video game stores, the Xbox 360 would be a nice alternative to the Nintendo Wii.

At first I was unsure about the Nintendo Wii because of the weird controlling scheme, but then I tried it out. After a try of it, I was hooked. The money I was saving up for a 360 with was now going to go towards a Nintendo Wii.

In the meantime, I decided to start a blog about the Nintendo Wii, this one. And my dream was in a sea of fanatic Nintendo websites peppered with ads and run by people more interested in making a few dollars than just writing, that there would be a blog run by a team of people who love writing and the Wii, who would make original articles instead of always linking to Nintendo and not just providing the general news that you can find in many places.

Sapadrew joined and he was all for it, and he's a very valuable member because he owns a Nintendo Wii; he sees what it is like to own one.

I became too eager for members to join, because I let a third member named FaceHead join. I remembered him from forums, but I didn't actually know him. It was a mistake on my part to let someone I didn't know to join, and I'm sorry because I know that by chances at least one person saw the video he linked to.

I removed FaceHead from the group and I forgive him, because maybe I wasn't clear enough on the rules and I was way too eager to let someone I didn't know join. It was wrong for him to post that, but it was wrong for me to let him join.
I didn't think that he do would what he did. Because of what happened I was tempted to entirely shut down REPriiSENT, because I can't stand thinking of how there is someone who was hurt by it. Our reputation could be ruined, but I hope that it isn't.

I am hoping that anyone who accidentally saw it would email me so that I could apologize, but I'm afraid that the video was so bad and I know that I would not give anyone a second chance for showing it.

But now, I am saving up money for the Wii. I have $230, and I am getting close. (awkward segue) Almost there!

And I know this is off-topic but I've had Xbox LIVE for a year and all I have to say is "You don't need Xbox LIVE, it's $50 to play with racist strangers and occasionally someone nice. Just have Xbox LAN parties every month instead, they're great fun."

Another "great" ending to an article by SDtektiv!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Blurb about Wii Demos

Demos are great. They give consumers the ability to try out the video game without having to pay for anything. They also give me the ability to play the Nintendo Wii for free! (Until I can save up enough money of course). But now, demos seem to be more complicated for some reason. So here's a short blurb/guide to Wii demos.

First, know where to look. The only places that I know that have Wii demos are either Wii events such as there were at the Monster Jam truck rallies and currently the Burton Tour, and the video game store GameStop. Now here's the important part, be sure to choose a GameStop that is separate from the Mall when going to demo. I say this for a few reasons. At both you will have to wait in line with people who are buying things in order to just rent out a controller. I don't know why. There's less chance that you'll have to wait in a longer line if you go to a GameStop that is not in a mall.

Also, there is one less ring of fire to jump through at a separate GameStop; at both you are required to trade a Driver's Liscense (they accepted my permit so that works too) as collateral since the Controllers are free-roaming and of high-value. But at the one at the mall, you have to also turn in a Credit Card. (You get your cards back when you return the Wii controllers).

There might not be any sort of sign or signal announcing how you can try out the Wii, but if you ask the people at the counter if you can rent a Wii Controller, if it is a GameStop they'll let you.

Related Post of the Past: Wii Kiosks Unnecessarily Complicated

I've visited the GameStop just to play a demo about four times in the past three months. Recently, they have a Legend of Zelda demo. Before, I wasn't sure if I was all that interested in the game, but I played the demo and I had a lot of fun! My only concern is if there is a lot of witchcraft in it or not.

Here's a link to the "Try Wii" section of Nintendo.Wii.Com where you can find various places to try a Wii demo:

REPriiSENT! Comic 6!

This issue of the Comic is a commentary. At one time I would one who would say that a First-Person View game on the Wii could only be weird.

You could click on the comic to view it full-size, or I suppose you could squint really hard to read the text!

Originally, I was going to write an article about this, but I thought that a comic could make more sense. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CVG members on Xbox LIVE and WiiConnect24

Reporting from the forum! the segment where we take a question to a forum and report the answers. The forum and the question (and therefore, the answers) are different every time!

Christian Video Gaming is primarily an Xbox LIVE community. So, it was hard to think of a question for Xbox LIVE gamers that would apply to the Nintendo Wii scene:

From what you've seen with Xbox LIVE, in what ways do you think WiiConnect24 needs to be different and the same, and why?

The same: It's hard to say how it should be the same since xbox live is different with every game. I really think that all of live should be as simple as it is in Halo2. Being able to hook up with your friends in a party and then join a server is great fun and I don't see that in any other games. You have to hunt down your friends and then try to find them over and over again after every game. So, how should Wii do things the same... I'm not sure really.

Different: They should have dedicated servers so that there isn't a host advantage, and they can be monitored better. They should try to make it easy to use and easy to find and play with your friends. **as a side note, I'm by far not a computer savvy person. I really don't know if dedicated servers would be better or not. I know the cost would be outrageous.

Nintendo is at times an entirely different ball game than Microsoft. They've been around gaming [console] a lot longer, and have a much larger library of games that are small enough to be offered as a downloadable item. In order for WiiConnect24 to succeed, they need to offer as many of their NES, SNES, N64, and GB[A] as possible for download. They need to modify some of these games so that they are playable with co-op and multiplayer over the WiiConnect service (MarioKart!). They need to start producing more games that are online enabled so that people won't just use the service to download and check the weather. Similar to MS, they may need to offer two tiers of the service, with the purchased tier offering things like dedicated servers.

Those are my views on the seems like they're off to a good start with it.

Thanks guys! (for your very thorough answers!)

Christian Video Gaming's motto is: "an online Christian gaming community which provides a place for Christians to have a fun gaming environment as well as meet and play with other Christians." And here's a link to their forum too!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nintencast Members on Connecting to WiiConnect24

Reporting from the forums is a segment where we visit different gaming forums with a question and post some of their answers. Today's forum is the forum of Nintencast, whose slogan is "Bringing you the latest news in the Nintendo Wii and DS World".

There seems to be three methods to connecting to WiiConnect24: a wireless router, Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector through the computer, or the Wii LAN adapter using an ethernet connection.

Which connecting method are you using or planning to use to connect to WiiConnect24 and why that method?

tux_do: I plan on using a wireless router, mostly because it's what I use for my ds

A-Zar: wireless router because it is the best way. i use it for both ds and wii. and [because] i use it for my laptop.

Liam616: i use my home wireless router, but its a different one to the one i use for my ds

THE TWILIGHT PRINCE: I have a Wireless router and it works fine :)

Nintencast features a Podcast and news, reviews, and of course, a forum for fans to mingle in and for me to put a question into. It's been in the links section on this blog for awhile, and they've recently updated their front page, so you should check it out!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Finding Your Way Around the Site

This post is about various things such as what is on the website, and a bunch of cool things on it that might not be obvious.

This is really cool. Next to the "[B]" at the very top of this blog, is a place where you can type in something you want to search for on this blog. For example, if you wanted to view all the comics on one page, you could search for "Comic."

In the center of the bar is the word "Next Blog", it will take you to a random website that runs on Blogger, I have no control over where this will take you so I don't recommend clicking on it.

In the sidebar to the right of the posts you will find a list of the authors of REPriiSENT. Clicking on one of the names will take you to a search page where you will find the titles of all the stories by that author in a random order!

Below the list of authors is a link about how to join our team, and below that are the categories, Rhythms, that articles fall under. Here is a story about what each Rhythm represents.

Below the Rhythms will be the three most recent comments... sort of. The Recent Comments seem to update themselves every time a new blog post is made. So, what the Recent Comments will tend to show are the three most recent comments except for the comments made on the most recent post.

Next, the Archives. You can "drill-down" the Archives and view every post ever made individually, by month, or by year should you choose to do so.

That's it!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

SSX Blur

I'm so excited! My favorite X-treme sports game is coming to the Wii! This long-time Snowboarding game has a new look and very very cool controls that add the the Wii experience. You can watch a video of it Here .

I really can't wait for it!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Prevalent Wii Pun is not a Pun

Since when did anyone say "I'm going to play with my GameCube?" You think you've heard that a hundred times, but before the Wii, you hadn't. If we said it like that, it makes it sound like GameCube and me are going to run around the backyard, kick a soccer ball, jump on the trampoline and cool down with some Otter Pops.

I'm going to play with my Xbox.

Is not something you'd say! I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to play a video game on my Xbox or "I'm going to play Xbox."

Seriously who (other than modders) is going to say "Let's play with my Xbox today..." We never hear that! We hear "let's play Xbox now."

Maybe things are different in your region, but if this is the case, then someone saying "I'm going to play with my Wii" is not an innovative joke but rather far-fetched. The only reason anyone would say that, other than when they think they've discovered some amazingly creative pun and want to get a laugh, would be from the fact that they've had it pounded into their memory by the millions of folks who ingeniously came about such an "original" pun... that isn't even a pun!

In the defense of the people who say this joke, we haven't been given many options, our other two choices to express this thought across are I'm going to play on the Wii... or... I'm going to play Whee! But before you decide to bash the Wii's name, or decide to repeat back to your friends a "joke they've never heard before", just stop, and ponder about how we aren't in the predicament that the French are, who might find themselves saying I'm going to play the yes!

Friday, January 26, 2007

The News Channel

Well the News Channel is up on the Nintendo Wii (finally) and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. You can find the news on the network or even globally. You can see a video of it at this link. If you are in demand of the news 24/7 this is for you. Also this adds to the family thing Nintendo has got going on. I don't use it that much other than to look at what happened on a global scale. There are some minor bugs in the load time and it crashes from time to time.

Over all I would give it an 8/10 just because it has some minor bugs.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


I NEED THEM SO BAD! The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, originally for the SNES, just came out today on the virtual console. This was said to be one of the best Zelda games of all time. Check it out at the article at

I want this badly and my local EBgames just ran out of Wii point cards. :(

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nintendo Wii Jacket?

I spotted the Nintendo Wii on a youth leader's jacket at youth group a few days ago. Turns out it was just a coincidental design element on an REI brand jacket:

Does this not look like a Nintendo Wii jacket?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Well I am a member over at Podtacular which is the unofficial Halo universe podcast. They had a Wii episode and I was asked to guest host on the round table. You can listen to it here:

SDtektiv's Edit: I switched it to a player with the single episode to make the page-loading time quicker! And my note to my friends and loved ones, I am unaffiliated with Podtacular and by my standards their Podcast is usually raunchy and has lots of 'wrong' jokes. If that sort of stuff doesn't bother you, it is Podtacular Episode 95.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

REPriiSENT! Comic 5!

Out of gas and out of money... what's a traveling "Wii agent" to do?

This is now my favorite issue of the REPriiSENT! Comic!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Japanese Section of Proves Interesting!

Today, school got canceled because of snow, and since there isn't anything entertaining on TV in the morning, for some reason I thought it would be fun to visit the Japanese section of . I did, and it was pretty fun! Half of it was trying to figure stuff out!

One of the things I saw was a tutorial on what I'm guessing are the games for "Wii Play." Under the graphic, there are icons representing different Wii Play games and you can, by clicking on any of them, view a tutorial on how to play the game.

As I looked around, I saw a section called "Wii CM." I was curious, so I clicked on it and it took me to what I think is a commercials section.

Here are some commercials that stood out to me:

Wii Remote Action with Sound Effects!

Legend of Zelda!

WarioWare Commercial with purdy Japanese Girls!

The commercials are really cool! If Nintendo is listening, I think that they should air them in America.

If the Japanese Girls are listening, I'm a nice guy, with red hair, which I understand is a rare hair color in Japan. I don't know much Japanese, but I am in my third year of French, and I know that there are more Japanese graphic novels that are translated into French than into English, and that the actual word "Anime" comes from the French. So... parlez-vous Francais? ou English? WarioWare?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Nintendo Wii Notions

It seems that every time I visit NexGen Wars, the Wii's sales climb by a million. It will be interesting to see if it will surpass the 360. I sent NexGen Wars a few questions in an email to their "press" email address, but I wonder if they have enough time to answer questions; they have to keep track and count sold consoles. You might be wondering just how they do it... me too!

On the bus ride home from school today, a friend of mine and me ended up talking about the Wii. He said that he hadn't heard that great things about it. He added, "I mean, it's probably a lot of fun and all..."

"...but isn't that the point?" I responded.

It is true that if you want excellent graphics and sound and the like, the 360 is a very good overpriced alternative. But what I see in Nintendo is that instead of lots of focus on improving the graphics to make it more realistic, they like to experiment and revolutionize gaming entirely in other aspects. It seems that the other gaming systems just take what is already good and push it as far as they can, and the revolutionizing stuff is not in actual gameplay but in add-ons. Xbox LIVE gets major props though. That was revolutionary.

From what I've heard, WiiConnect24 isn't at the level of Xbox LIVE yet, but it is free.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

REPriiSENT! Comic 4!

Sapadrew made a very good point to me that links can help your blog, so we've added a links section in the sidebar. But, I was thinking that a few more couldn't hurt.

I did this during my studio art class. Sweet! I'm getting credit for drawing a comic for my blog!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Our Name Explained

Ever since the gaming community--well actually America and Europe in general--realized that "Wii" is the actual name, there may have been just a little Wiiping and gnashing of teeth, but more so, numerous puns and appearances of the one-syllable name have surged.

You've probably heard them, "To Wii or not to Wii?" "Wii want the Wii!", and countless others. It's even showing up in classic rock songs: "Wii will rock you," "Wii are the champions!", and those are puns on titles of songs from just one band.

Even wii have it in our footer: "Wii talk Wii and Wii live what Wii talk!", which is there mostly because it sounds cool.

The name, REPriiSENT! takes this a step back. Instead of making another Wii pun, it's simply the same thing Nintendo did: Take an English word and change a long-sounding "E" into a "double-i."

Whatever puns wii continue to come across, wii can safely say that the Wii puts the Wii in suh-wiit! Sorry, I couldn't wiisist.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

REPriiSENT! Comic 3!

This edition of the REPriiSENT! comic is coming to you in 5 frames! (six if you count the title frame). What happens when the Wii agents' travels take them to the Appalachian Mountains? Click on the picture to see.

Wii Play

Although Wii play has been delayed here in the U.S. there are some videos from other countries showing some of the fun games in side Wii play. In case you didn’t know Wii play is a collection of mini games that take advantage of your Mii avatars. Here is a small preview.