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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nintendo Wii Impressions Interview with Madden17

Phone Interview on February 21, 2007:

SDtektiv: What would you like to be known as?

SDtektiv: How long has the Nintendo Wii been in your house?
Madden17: About a month--exactly a month actually.

What Games have you played on the Wii?
Madden17: I have played Wii Sports, Madden, and the Twilight Princess game.

What is your overall impression of the Nintendo Wii?
I love it. It's nice. It's my favorite gaming system I've played... because you have a lot of freedom when you play it. You know, with the dual hand-set controllers.

Have you noticed any bugs or glitches with it?
Not yet. I'm sure if more games come out there'll probably be some because that's what happens with every game system.

So there's no bugs in the console itself that you've noticed?

What games do you like best that you've played and why?
Madden is fun because it gets you involved physically. That's the same with Wii Sports.

Last Question. Is there something about the Wii that you think is cool that might be overlooked by the press?
Probably the quality of the games because they're great games, and the press just focuses on the motion-sensing technology.

Thank you for your time Madden17! It looks like it turned out good!
If anyone else would like to be interviewed about the Wii or if you have any comments about the story you can leave a comment!

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