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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nintencast Members on Overlooked Wii Games

Reporting from the forums! This is the second time we've visited Nintencast with a question, and like the last time, there were lots of great answers.

The question: Are there any games for the Wii that you personally think are great but are overlooked? If so, why do you think they're good?

-Myles- - I actually don't believe any good Wii game has been overlooked yet, they are each getting great coverage.

Ridstar - I think Wii Play got overlooked. People I know can't really decide whether it's a great game or not. It might not reach up to the standards of Wii Sports, but it's got a great bunch of mini-games that anybody of any age can get into.

Wii Play

THE TWILIGHT PRINCE - i think Sonic will get overlooked, as many people will have though "Oh its another crappy 3d sonic game" and they will put it back down

Kingstevie - I think Wii Sports is overlooked by the reviewers. I don't think enough people realize the genius that it is. It was very annoying to see it recieving very bad review scores, but it is a massive hit anyway.

Chuck_Norris - I don't think there have actually been enough games released for any to get overlooked. Some have sold too well *cough* REDSTEEL *cough* but the quality ones have sold the right amount in my opinion.

Nintencast covers news on the Wii, as well as the the hand-held DS, news and features a podcast and (as you can see) a thriving community. Thanks Guys!

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