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Friday, February 16, 2007

Blurb about Wii Demos

Demos are great. They give consumers the ability to try out the video game without having to pay for anything. They also give me the ability to play the Nintendo Wii for free! (Until I can save up enough money of course). But now, demos seem to be more complicated for some reason. So here's a short blurb/guide to Wii demos.

First, know where to look. The only places that I know that have Wii demos are either Wii events such as there were at the Monster Jam truck rallies and currently the Burton Tour, and the video game store GameStop. Now here's the important part, be sure to choose a GameStop that is separate from the Mall when going to demo. I say this for a few reasons. At both you will have to wait in line with people who are buying things in order to just rent out a controller. I don't know why. There's less chance that you'll have to wait in a longer line if you go to a GameStop that is not in a mall.

Also, there is one less ring of fire to jump through at a separate GameStop; at both you are required to trade a Driver's Liscense (they accepted my permit so that works too) as collateral since the Controllers are free-roaming and of high-value. But at the one at the mall, you have to also turn in a Credit Card. (You get your cards back when you return the Wii controllers).

There might not be any sort of sign or signal announcing how you can try out the Wii, but if you ask the people at the counter if you can rent a Wii Controller, if it is a GameStop they'll let you.

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I've visited the GameStop just to play a demo about four times in the past three months. Recently, they have a Legend of Zelda demo. Before, I wasn't sure if I was all that interested in the game, but I played the demo and I had a lot of fun! My only concern is if there is a lot of witchcraft in it or not.

Here's a link to the "Try Wii" section of Nintendo.Wii.Com where you can find various places to try a Wii demo:

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