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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CVG members on Xbox LIVE and WiiConnect24

Reporting from the forum! the segment where we take a question to a forum and report the answers. The forum and the question (and therefore, the answers) are different every time!

Christian Video Gaming is primarily an Xbox LIVE community. So, it was hard to think of a question for Xbox LIVE gamers that would apply to the Nintendo Wii scene:

From what you've seen with Xbox LIVE, in what ways do you think WiiConnect24 needs to be different and the same, and why?

The same: It's hard to say how it should be the same since xbox live is different with every game. I really think that all of live should be as simple as it is in Halo2. Being able to hook up with your friends in a party and then join a server is great fun and I don't see that in any other games. You have to hunt down your friends and then try to find them over and over again after every game. So, how should Wii do things the same... I'm not sure really.

Different: They should have dedicated servers so that there isn't a host advantage, and they can be monitored better. They should try to make it easy to use and easy to find and play with your friends. **as a side note, I'm by far not a computer savvy person. I really don't know if dedicated servers would be better or not. I know the cost would be outrageous.

Nintendo is at times an entirely different ball game than Microsoft. They've been around gaming [console] a lot longer, and have a much larger library of games that are small enough to be offered as a downloadable item. In order for WiiConnect24 to succeed, they need to offer as many of their NES, SNES, N64, and GB[A] as possible for download. They need to modify some of these games so that they are playable with co-op and multiplayer over the WiiConnect service (MarioKart!). They need to start producing more games that are online enabled so that people won't just use the service to download and check the weather. Similar to MS, they may need to offer two tiers of the service, with the purchased tier offering things like dedicated servers.

Those are my views on the seems like they're off to a good start with it.

Thanks guys! (for your very thorough answers!)

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