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Thursday, February 1, 2007

SSX Blur

I'm so excited! My favorite X-treme sports game is coming to the Wii! This long-time Snowboarding game has a new look and very very cool controls that add the the Wii experience. You can watch a video of it Here .

I really can't wait for it!


SDtektiv said...

Awesome! I like how they show you the controlling technique. Looks pretty solid!

This was something that I was interested in when the Wii first launched and it is cool to see a trailer of it. I wonder when it will come out or if it is out already!

SDtektiv said...

According to NOA Rufus on January 18th:

"If you can't visit Wii on the slopes, you'll just have to wait a few weeks for SSX Blur to bring the slopes to you. It's totally worth the wait."

Sounds like either it's here or you won't have to wait much longer Sapa!

My really jumbly-lookin' link:

SDtektiv said...

One more try at the link.