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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Apologies

[UPDATED: February 28, 2007 (see bottom of post)]

Today, a former member of this blog was removed for posting a link to a violent video. This video was unoriginal and was likely to have been found somewhere and then regurgitated onto this page. The post and the member have both been removed and I apologize to anyone who viewed the video by accident. Understand that I have friends and family in real life from school and church who view this web page, and the video was unacceptable.

I apologize and want to establish that it went against everything that REPriiSENT is about. REPriiSENT is about creating original and fun articles about the Nintendo Wii, it is not about just surfing YouTube and then posting a sick and twisted video. I understand that our reputation might be tarnished forever, but the remaining members of REPriiSENT will strive to obtain whatever trust was lost, and I understand that it might be years before that trust is regained.

I'm sorry. From now on I'll only allow people that I know really well to join this blog.

-SDtektiv (Feb 15th 2007)

Recently, i posted a video of, well, a bad video. I would like to truly apologize to ANYONE that saw it and was offended. I am sorry, and i hope you all can forgive me

-Face Head (Feb 28th 2007)

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