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Friday, January 26, 2007

The News Channel

Well the News Channel is up on the Nintendo Wii (finally) and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. You can find the news on the network or even globally. You can see a video of it at this link. If you are in demand of the news 24/7 this is for you. Also this adds to the family thing Nintendo has got going on. I don't use it that much other than to look at what happened on a global scale. There are some minor bugs in the load time and it crashes from time to time.

Over all I would give it an 8/10 just because it has some minor bugs.


SDtektiv said...

Sapa, how does it work? What are the minor bugs? (The link in your post doesn't work.) You have firsthand experience with the Nintendo Wii and have valuable knowledge about it besides the usual "the News Channel is up!" you could find anywhere on the internet.

Instead of telling us only that it is up and giving us a link to a video, tell us your experience with it and how it works, remember, many of us don't have any experience with online Wii channels (or with the Wii at all), so there's a lot more you can say.

SDtektiv said...

This is important because it is a feature of the Wii, but I was curious as to if there is anything about it that people not interested in it could find interesting. Also, is the news coverage from Cable networks like CNN or FOX news, or from local networks, and is the way the news is covered, "fair and balanced?"

SDtektiv said...

Alright, sweet dude!