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Monday, March 5, 2007

Virtual On Wishes

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On is an old arcade game from the 1990s that was made by SEGA featuring twin joysticks (flightstick style) to control a Mech (giant robot) in originally one-on-one, but expanded to, two-on-two battles in the third sequel. This game has used a lot of my friends quarters; we've had lots of fun with this 25 cent per play game!

It's kind of like a third-person fighting game with explosives.

Apparently there was also an edition that came out for PlayStation 2 that didn't sell very well in the United States. I believe that the Wii's Nunchuck-Wiimote combo would be a great platform for a fun, new, and sophisticated game with controls akin to what the controls were originally. I know that this would work because I've played a mini game of Super Monkey Ball that uses a similar controlling method to fly spaceships. The point is that I know that the Wii is very well capable of such a fun controlling technique. Maybe this sounds a bit over-the-top but I believe that Virtual On could be for the Wii what Halo is for the Xbox.

SEGA has made many games for Nintendo consoles including Wii, so it's very conceivable for SEGA to make such a game.

There's a demand for an Online-enabled competitive game for the Wii. There's actually a large market for them, even full-scale online Virtual On communities. I've been trying to join an online community to ask them what they think (and to ask them to email SEGA), but in order to join you have to send an email, and none of their email addresses have worked for me yet. If you're listening,, I would like to join!

Random tangent aside, I believe that such a competitive title would make for a great game to play on Wii system-link and on online play. The Wiimote and Nunchuck would work as well as, if not better than, the dual handheld flightsticks. Maybe they have the first version in your arcade, I would say to check it out and to email SEGA!
PS: Sorry about the recent lack of posts, yesterday I was having a little trouble uploading the second screenshot into this post!

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