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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Rhythms Explained

Just be glad I didn't call them "Phat Beats". All the articles on this blog somehow relate to the Wii, but in different ways. Here's an explanation of all the Rhythms:

  • Hype is the Team ranting and raving about games and features we think are cool but haven't been consumed by us or really experienced by us yet. Expect to find articles along the lines of Previews, News, First Impressions on games, and the like.
  • Philosophii covers basics about the blog, like what it's about, what we believe, explaining features of the blog, stuff like this post actually.
  • Reviews are articles about games, features, and magazines that have been explored through and through, forwards and backwards that member(s) have come to form their own distinct and detailed conclusions and opinions on.
  • Communitii stories zero in on a specific person or group and focus on the human rather than the machine. Interviews and other individual-related articles will fall under this category.
  • Motlii are articles that don't fit under any other category. Though it will still be Wii-related, some randomness is to be expected!

The purpose of these categories is just to look cool and to help people who feel like just browsing particular types of articles!

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