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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Our Name Explained

Ever since the gaming community--well actually America and Europe in general--realized that "Wii" is the actual name, there may have been just a little Wiiping and gnashing of teeth, but more so, numerous puns and appearances of the one-syllable name have surged.

You've probably heard them, "To Wii or not to Wii?" "Wii want the Wii!", and countless others. It's even showing up in classic rock songs: "Wii will rock you," "Wii are the champions!", and those are puns on titles of songs from just one band.

Even wii have it in our footer: "Wii talk Wii and Wii live what Wii talk!", which is there mostly because it sounds cool.

The name, REPriiSENT! takes this a step back. Instead of making another Wii pun, it's simply the same thing Nintendo did: Take an English word and change a long-sounding "E" into a "double-i."

Whatever puns wii continue to come across, wii can safely say that the Wii puts the Wii in suh-wiit! Sorry, I couldn't wiisist.

1 comment:

A_Zar said...

I plan on playing Wii this wii-kend, and only a wii-tard would do otherwise.