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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Introducing: sapadrew!

Sapadrew is now official a member of this blogging team. His knowledge of the Nintendo Wii and experiences will be a great asset to this blog. Let's find out a bit about him!

Why did you join REPriiSENT?
Well mostly because I love to talk about how great the Wii is! In fact I got one of my friends to buy a Wii!

What first got you interested in the Nintendo Wii?
The motion controller and of course my lifetime love of Zelda! I have been playing it since the Ocarina of Time!

What do you like about the Nintendo Wii?

Although there aren't many games out at the moment the ones that they do have out are awesome!

What features or games are you looking forward to with the Nintendo Wii?

Super Smash Bros. Metroid, and Farcry. If Nintendo comes out with another Mario Cart, that would be cool too.

I know all too well that you are/were a big fan of the Halo game series, why did you decide not to continue by buying the XBOX 360 and later, Halo 3?

Well mostly for Zelda, but the fact that the Wii has such a cool controller I could not stay away. Also I feel that the Xbox 360, although a great system, just doesn't have enough other than Halo 3 to keep me interested.

Lastly, say anything you would like to say.

Wii is awesome 360 is awesome and PS3 is awesome! Why can't people just hold hands and sing about our great virtual world? lol

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