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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fun Factor over Graphics

The main purpose of video gaming has always been for fun. There's nothing like an XBOX LAN party, and I can't wait to see where the Nintendo goes with this. Will the Wii's wireless connectivity lead to people renting out Coffee Shops, Churches, and other places with wireless internet in order to have WiiConnect24 parties? Who knows? But that's for another post. This post is about the main selling point of any game system. The games.

It has been said that the Wii's graphics, when compared to the PS3's and the 360's, aren't up to par. I agree that there are more games for those systems with ultra-HD graphics, but am I really willing to fork over so much money when there's not many games that interest me on those systems?

Though there are games for the Nintendo Wii with really bad graphics, there are some with really good graphics, the new Zelda game for example. I believe that as more game developers take time to push the Wii's graphic capabilities with their games, there will be games with better and better graphics.

But graphics are only one part of a game, another is the fun factor. The games on the Nintendo Wii look fun to play. I've even had the chance to try out Excite Truck at a store, and that was a lot of fun to play, and I can't wait to try out the steering system with a game that interests me more, Need for Speed Carbon.

The premise of the games of the Nintendo Wii seem to have an emphasis on fun for everyone, including people my age (I'm in High School). On the other hand, the front of the line-up for the 360 is gory killfest games of carnage, and the games that aren't like that are geared for really young kids. Neither of those two categories really interest me, and I'm not even going to comment on the PS3 because (here it comes...) it is 600 dollars!

Microsoft can show me excellent graphics all day but what's it worth if there's only one game and a few mini-arcade games on it that interest me?

The main purpose for gaming has always been for fun, and the sheer quantity of games that appeal to me on the Wii greatly surpass the others. I say this based on just my reading articles of new games coming out for it, and my limited time trying out a demo at a game store. They aren't trying to price gouge me and it's a game system with lots of games. Sounds like a good equation to me.

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