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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Finding Your Way Around the Site

This post is about various things such as what is on the website, and a bunch of cool things on it that might not be obvious.

This is really cool. Next to the "[B]" at the very top of this blog, is a place where you can type in something you want to search for on this blog. For example, if you wanted to view all the comics on one page, you could search for "Comic."

In the center of the bar is the word "Next Blog", it will take you to a random website that runs on Blogger, I have no control over where this will take you so I don't recommend clicking on it.

In the sidebar to the right of the posts you will find a list of the authors of REPriiSENT. Clicking on one of the names will take you to a search page where you will find the titles of all the stories by that author in a random order!

Below the list of authors is a link about how to join our team, and below that are the categories, Rhythms, that articles fall under. Here is a story about what each Rhythm represents.

Below the Rhythms will be the three most recent comments... sort of. The Recent Comments seem to update themselves every time a new blog post is made. So, what the Recent Comments will tend to show are the three most recent comments except for the comments made on the most recent post.

Next, the Archives. You can "drill-down" the Archives and view every post ever made individually, by month, or by year should you choose to do so.

That's it!

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SDtektiv said...

I recently compiled the two links sections into one and added a "Shared Items" thingy at the bottom of the sidebar. This way I can put up links to stories from other blogs. I can say what interests me from other sites in that box, and then still focus on having original stuff in the blog posts!