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Saturday, February 24, 2007

SD's Three Nintendo Wii Games & Why

Just on the brink of having enough money, SDtektiv considers three games he wants and why.

First, there is a game that hasn't received a lot of attention, but is considered a solid launch title. I was put off a bit by Excite Truck, thinking that I'd prefer to try a more urban driving game such as Need For Speed Carbon, but after one has read reviews saying that the controlling on the new Need For Speed was sketchy, one may gravitate back to the first Wii game one ever played.

Excite Truck. This was the game I had played three times on Demo at a GameStop. I thought they might have selected this game instead of Wii Sports since you are less likely to throw your controller at the TV with "both hands on the wheel!" The driving of Excite Truck feels like driving. It's a launch title, it's a legit. It's fun and that's the point.


You will probably guess which one the second one is when I say that it is one that has recieved lots of attention and praise. Despite that, this was one that I would not have picked had you asked me a month ago. The game is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. People who are not fans of the Wii even a wee bit sometimes finish their opinions on the Wii with "...except for Zelda. That looks awesome." A game like this might not be for everyone, as it contrasts the "Pick-up-and-party-games" that appeal to many people, as this one appears more to be a "Sit-in-a-dark-room-for-hours-for-weeks-till-you-emerge-from-the-depths-having-completed-the-game-or-in-need-of-a-strategy-guide!" I have never finished a Zelda game in my life. Of course, I haven't played that many Zelda games! (like three).

I started to like the new Legend of Zelda when I tried out a demo version of it. The controls were great, it felt free, the visuals were pretty cool, and my only concern about it was if it was eerie or if it had any edgy material in it later on. But, I read a review on Plugged In Online (this place that reviews mainly movies and says precisely what good and bad stuff is in it), and it sounds like for me like there is only a little bit of stuff that might offend my conscience, but not enough to keep me from this legendary adventure game. Plus an adventure sounds like fun.
- SD

The third game is another game that would be completely unlikely for me to want, until I heard of its interactive controls. The game is Madden NFL 07. I was dead-set against sports video games. "I should go outside and play the sport for real!" But, I heard from a friend about the actions of raising your Wiimote and Nunchuck to swat down a pass and other pantomines neccessary to control the action onscreen and I was sold.

That sounds like a much different experience than I've ever had playing a sports game. Plus, my dad and my brother would like playing this game with me. Maybe my mom?

- SD


SDtektiv said...

I'm just checking to see if people can leave comments because we haven't got one in awhile! That's All!

Kerri said...

I know they say Zelda is 'crap' compared to the more 'hardcore' offerings on other consoles, but it actually has better graphics than end of the line ps2 games (aka FF12)

Its also a brilliant game, it deserved game of the year imo.

Foo Mo Jive said...

good to know excite truck is actually exciting.

SDtektiv said...

Replying to kerri:
Yeah. When I look at some of the Wii's games and judge the Wii's graphics by it, it makes the Wii look bad, but then I see Zelda and realize that the Wii has good graphics capabilities but some games didn't utilize it!

SDtektiv said...

Replying to foo mo jive:
Whenever I see a comment from you I'm like "Yay!"

Well, whenever I see a comment from anyone I'm like "yay!", but your "Yay!" gets a capital "Y".