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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nintendo Wii Palooza February 17th Update

At one time I thought that the Nintendo Wii could be a nice alternative to the Xbox 360. Now, after playing both at friends' houses and Demos at video game stores, the Xbox 360 would be a nice alternative to the Nintendo Wii.

At first I was unsure about the Nintendo Wii because of the weird controlling scheme, but then I tried it out. After a try of it, I was hooked. The money I was saving up for a 360 with was now going to go towards a Nintendo Wii.

In the meantime, I decided to start a blog about the Nintendo Wii, this one. And my dream was in a sea of fanatic Nintendo websites peppered with ads and run by people more interested in making a few dollars than just writing, that there would be a blog run by a team of people who love writing and the Wii, who would make original articles instead of always linking to Nintendo and not just providing the general news that you can find in many places.

Sapadrew joined and he was all for it, and he's a very valuable member because he owns a Nintendo Wii; he sees what it is like to own one.

I became too eager for members to join, because I let a third member named FaceHead join. I remembered him from forums, but I didn't actually know him. It was a mistake on my part to let someone I didn't know to join, and I'm sorry because I know that by chances at least one person saw the video he linked to.

I removed FaceHead from the group and I forgive him, because maybe I wasn't clear enough on the rules and I was way too eager to let someone I didn't know join. It was wrong for him to post that, but it was wrong for me to let him join.
I didn't think that he do would what he did. Because of what happened I was tempted to entirely shut down REPriiSENT, because I can't stand thinking of how there is someone who was hurt by it. Our reputation could be ruined, but I hope that it isn't.

I am hoping that anyone who accidentally saw it would email me so that I could apologize, but I'm afraid that the video was so bad and I know that I would not give anyone a second chance for showing it.

But now, I am saving up money for the Wii. I have $230, and I am getting close. (awkward segue) Almost there!

And I know this is off-topic but I've had Xbox LIVE for a year and all I have to say is "You don't need Xbox LIVE, it's $50 to play with racist strangers and occasionally someone nice. Just have Xbox LAN parties every month instead, they're great fun."

Another "great" ending to an article by SDtektiv!

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