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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox 360 Statistics

NexGen Wars has been covering the popularity of the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, and the Wii.

UPDATE: May 19, 2007: Nexgenwars has changed for the worse. They have chosen to run advertisments featuring scantily-clad women. I have broken the links to them for this reason. They were special because they didn't have a lot of ads... now they do. Another one bites the dust, this is disappointing. why'd you change? you were something now you're like the rest of them

UPDATE: May 19, 2007 CONTINUED: I have left the counters above for anyone who wants to see the numbers without exposing themselves to the unfortunate stuff. Nexgen wars was cool until they lowered their standards, now I see it as just another crappy site, but that could change if they changed.


A Oompa Loompah said...

go 360! :D

SDtektiv said...

It's easy to see why Xbox is in the lead being the first to launch and having a superb online service!

I think that the reason the Wii is ahead in the votes might be because the people who have a 360 might not feel a need to go to a website to vote for it since it is already well off?

cvg said...

Hey SD Its DukeofReason or Miller Time 33 i like you new blog it is interesting that the Wii is beating the ps3 but i can see why it beating it because of lower cost and more units produced. Hope you stop by CVG from time to time to visit us.


SDtektiv said...

Oh sure! I might do a "reporting from the forums" segment about why 360 owners didn't get a Wii. (CVG http:/// is largely Halo fans). It's interesting to see what appeals to different people!