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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gaming is Different now.

Some people sit in front of their TV, passively intaking what they see and hear. We? We aren't those people, you and I. We are not better than anyone else, it's just that we see that glass screen as a tool for playing; gaming is different.

Depending on which video game, it can require problem-solving, having quick reactions, anticipating movement and knowing when to time things right. This is what I think draws people into it, and what makes it fun! We aren't sitting in a dark room with no lives, we're just like everybody else, except we have more interactive entertainment choices.

When people invite us to their houses or to events we go. We are social. Sometimes we take the games along with us to share and to have a little fun competition. And now with the Wii, we can move! (talk about immersion). This can help us share our love of gaming with others, and it puts a freshness and life back into gaming.

Plus, There's nothing good on TV anyway. If there was, we wouldn't notice... we're too busy having fun.
UPDATE at 8:37: I realized that this post makes it sound like video games are the only form of entertainment I entertain myself with! This isn't the case. I also listen to music, watch movies, and read... and on occaison, maybe I'll watch Rachael Ray.

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