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Monday, December 25, 2006

Games in Action Members on GameCube Games

Reporting from the forums! is a segment where we visit different gaming communities' forums, ask them a question, and report the answers.

Today's forum: Games in Action

The Question:
"Because the Wii is backwards compatable, are there any
GameCube games that a Wii-owner should get?"
xTDCx Roggie (moderator):
Tales of Symphonia. Best Gamecube RPG out there. Amazing storyline (until the end, where it's a little bit corny), great gameplay, and it's just fun. I hate cartoonish graphics, but I loved the graphics. I can't think of one complaint with the game.

Johnrap (administrator):
OK, I"ll play along, Mario Kart Double Dash is great for playing with your nieces and nephews, because it's four player. You can even play 2 vs 2, kind of like with Warthogs.

RoAFie (moderator):
Super Smash Bros Melee. Best fighting game ever. It's fun and the controls are simple. Plus who wouldn't want to beat up Jigglypuff.

TwilightWolf 77 (moderator):
Zelda: Wind Waker for definite. Especially if you're getting Twilight Princess.

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