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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Review: Nintendo Power Magazine Jan 2007

Reviewing: Nintendo Power, Volume 211,

$4.99 US, $6.99 CDN
Found at Fred Meyer but not at Albertson's
Cover Feature: Zelda "Stayin' Alive In Hyrule", and "Zelda's creator reflects on Twilight Princess."

I used to have my mom buy copies of Nintendo Power for me in my N64 days, now, because of my interest in the Wii, and because of a power outage (sorry bad pun), I decided to revisit this magazine.

The main reason I bought this magazine was for the eight Wii reviews featured on the teaser bar on the top of the cover, but I was delighted to find lots of cool stories and doodads along the way. For example, do you know what Pikachu's name means? Pokemon has gotten to the point with me that it is not dorky but nostalgic, and there is a short Pokemon manga (Japanese comic) insert. Other goodies I was surprised with was a two-sided poster (modern Zelda on one side, Retro Sonic on the other), and a mini-page-thing of four Wii stickers.

Some things, being me, that I have to warn about is a sexy Tomb Raider ad on the back cover and a couple sexy ads throughout the magazine. However, this is nothing that a folded piece of computer paper and masking tape couldn't fix.

All in all, I enjoyed the reviews and my absolute favorite article was a feature on the yet-to-be-released WarioWare game for the Wii. The article shows the different ways you must hold the Wii Remote to complete the task of particular minigames (the game is essentially a rapid fire of random tasks). Each way to hold it was accompanied by a few screenshots of a couple minigames that requires that controller-holding method. It's worth noting that there is also plenty of content discussing games for the DS (Nintendo's latest handheld), for DS fans, but there's plenty of Wii content too. Basically, if you like either the Wii or the DS or both, it's good. There, I said it.

In conclusion, I'm glad to see Nintendo Power still doin' their thing. This was a great issue, I enjoyed the extra things that came with it, and if it wasn't for the sexy pictures, I would buy a subscription in a heartbeat!

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