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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Noteworthy Wii Titles

Some games that look cool to me
and why I'm interested...

Need For Speed Carbon
I liked how the Wii's steering worked in the Excite Truck demo at GameStop, I bet that the steering would be loads of fun in the arena of Street Racing in the City. Plus you can customize your ride.

Non-stop hilarity, task after task after task. Perhaps that could be a bad thing sometimes, but I think it would be awesome at parties.

Metroid Prime 3
Hey I like Halo 2 which is a Sci-Fi shooter, maybe I could give Metroid Prime 3 a chance and see how I like it!

Rayman Raving Rabbids
I'm not a huge fan of Rayman, but this game's premise is enough. From what I've seen this is what it seems to be: instead of the Gladiator you have Rayman, the fans are crazy bunnies, and instead of death battles, mini-games! This could be lots of fun with my friends!

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
There's not a lot of hype with this game, but then again there was not a lot of hype with the first Matrix movie when it came out. I wonder what the game designers will do with the potential of having the Wii's position-senses integrated with the controlling of the plane. I hope they find a cool control scheme.

SSX Blur (remember SSX Tricky, the snowboard game?)
The SSX snowboarding video games of the past were fun, and what's there not to like about doing crazy tricks down a steep mountain?

Players manipulate and navigate every-day environments to find mini-creatures. A first-person shooter where there is gun shown onscreen, your Wiimote is the grav-gun!

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