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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wii Virtual Console

By directly connecting the Nintendo Wii to the internet, there are a few features of it that open up to you. One is the ability for you to purchase and download retro games to the console by using "Wii points" that you get off a card you buy at a video game store.

Since I don't like doing a lot of mental math, I like how the "Wii Points" system seems to be close to American cents initially. Since 2000 Wii points costs $20, I suppose you could say that based on the Wii Point-values it's about $5 for a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game, $8 for an Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game, and $10 per N64 game. Sega Genesis, a gaming console that rivaled the SNES will also have some games available for $8, and I'll be honest, I know nothing about the system TurboGrafx-16 except that they cost 600 Wii points ($6) and like the NES games, they can be played on the Wii Remote, whereas most of the others require either a Wii "Classic" Controller and some, a Gamecube Controller will work.

I can imagine people being able to go through sequels of games which series' spans multiple consoles without having to find old systems and get them to work, and having an XBOX and having a friend who has an NES, I know that it will be a plus being able to play retro games without having to worry about if the system will "recognize" the game cartridge. It's been said that there have been many many renditions of some games like Zelda and Mario, and since it's compatible with GameCube games, I suppose fans could have fun trying to go through them one by one!

Personally, I'll probably not use this feature too much, but it sure is nice to have the option!

Here's a link to the Wikipedia (online Encyclopedia) entry on it that has a lot of information including charts and information on problems such as how some popular games might not be liscensed on Virtual Console due to the company that made it being bought by a rival of Nintendo.
Wikipedia: Virtual Console

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