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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tell us about your Nintendo Wii Blog!

REPriiSENT! is considering having a links section of other Nintendo-related blogs. If you know of a really good, relatively ad-free blog about the Wii, maybe its one that you own yourself, please submit it to us by leaving a comment and why we should have a link to it.

You can be sure I'll get the comment. After you submit your site, either Sapadrew or I will look at the blog and decide if it should be linked to.

I know that I'm curious about reading other Wii-related blogs, so you'll have at least one more reader of your blog if you submit it in the comments, and even if it doesn't make to the link list, someone's bound to read the comment and check it out anyway!


A Oompa Loompah said...

I got a 360 site

But it's not Wii, my friend has one ill find his website and ill post it later

SDtektiv said...

Thanks Oompah! Happy New Year!

Eli said...

ok i'll add it to the forum sometime :D