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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Want to join our writing team?

A blog is a great place to hone your writing skills in a place where people can read and comment on your work. It's so cool to see your work up on a website, not to mention a lot of fun!

We are a humble group starting out this blog project, and we would like anyone who might be interested in trying out being a team member of this website to let us know! There's no pressure on you to post a certain number of times a week or anything, the only sort of thing close to that is just that we ask you to keep it high-quality and try your hardest.

So, if you're a fan of the Nintendo Wii, are cool with our Code of Conduct , and have some knowledge and opinions that you would like to share, you're welcome to join our team! If you try it and find out that being a part of our team isn't for you, you can leave with no hard feelings, but I hope that you'll find writing and posting on REPriiSENT! to be a relaxing and fun hobby when you have free time.

Email: SDtektiv(at)yahoo(dot)com
I'll send you a few questions asking why you want to join, why you are interested in the Nintendo Wii, and use your answers to introduce you with a post!

Code of Conduct for Writers

So, if you are into writing or want to try it out, or have some enthusiasm about the Nintendo Wii, join us and see if this is something you want to do!

SD's Christmas Note to readers:
If you're just into reading, that is just as important and I am sure that Sapadrew is also thankful for every visitor or passerby who looks over our articles! Merry Christmas!

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