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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nintencast Members on Connecting to WiiConnect24

Reporting from the forums is a segment where we visit different gaming forums with a question and post some of their answers. Today's forum is the forum of Nintencast, whose slogan is "Bringing you the latest news in the Nintendo Wii and DS World".

There seems to be three methods to connecting to WiiConnect24: a wireless router, Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector through the computer, or the Wii LAN adapter using an ethernet connection.

Which connecting method are you using or planning to use to connect to WiiConnect24 and why that method?

tux_do: I plan on using a wireless router, mostly because it's what I use for my ds

A-Zar: wireless router because it is the best way. i use it for both ds and wii. and [because] i use it for my laptop.

Liam616: i use my home wireless router, but its a different one to the one i use for my ds

THE TWILIGHT PRINCE: I have a Wireless router and it works fine :)

Nintencast features a Podcast and news, reviews, and of course, a forum for fans to mingle in and for me to put a question into. It's been in the links section on this blog for awhile, and they've recently updated their front page, so you should check it out!

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sapadrew said...

Why not use the wireless if you have it? Once i get a DS with wi-fi it will be sweet to use both wii and DS at once! Great interview SD