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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Unwritten Stories that Should be Written

  • Is the Third Party NYKO Sensor Bar better than the original? The existence of it suggests a need for it, but is there a need for it? For who would it be a good investment? How about those homemade sensor bars?

  • Ease of Use. What are the fan sites overlooking that may need to be explained?

  • Not just reviews but actual tips on playing games. There has never been any game controller like the Wii remote. Tip stories deserve merit.

  • Wii Jokes. And not the old kind. New ones, ones that aren't just puns but that rock the mullet. People take a console with such a silly name very seriously.

  • Out of the box glitches--glitches on the Wii itself, and how to avoid and correct them.

  • More personal experiences. If someone holds a Wii tournament, well, technically a Wii blog is still a blog. An original story on that experience, ( and what worked well, what didn't, tips for others), would be a refreshing story.

  • Lastly, criticism and praise for the Wii blogosphere. Never dissing or naming any Wii blogs, but some of them appear to be merely taking the first paragraph stories from other sites, giving one sentence of original opinion, putting a link to the story on the end, and posting another one every ten minutes. In contrast, this blog has stories that are too long, updating not that often, and well there's not much left to say until if I actually get a Nintendo Wii.

These are the sort of stories I would love to see on Wii blogs; other Wii blogs, as well as this one.


Jason Guidry said...

Here's a cool tip I learned: Never play a Wii in closer proximity to another!


P.S. Dude, where's all the updates?

SDtektiv said...

Meh... I haven't felt like blogging much or spending a lot of time online lately, though I do check email from time to time. Thanks for the comment though!