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Monday, April 2, 2007

Starfox 64 for Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console!

Yeah yeah, I know that I strut REPriiSENT as being a blog with only original stuff on it that isn't everywhere else on the internet, but this is Special, and--hold on--there are original stories behind this!

Long ago, Starfox 64 was the first video game demo I ever played. I remember playing it in stores and being surprised by how the controller shook... it was the first time I experienced controller rumble. I was so excited when we had a copy of it in our home. Rumble wasn't built into controllers those days, so the game came packaged with a Rumble Pak! (there's no "c" in the word "pack", so cool.)

oh look! There's that KA for "Kids to Adults" rating I talked about in my last post.

The game also featured multiple ways to get through the game, many "routes." In the first level, which route you took depended on whether you could save Falco (one of the main character's friends), and if you did save him, he would show you a shortcut through a waterfall that would take you to fight a different boss than if you didn't go into it. Things like these determined if the next level you went to was on the hard, medium, or easy track, and you could go back and forth between them depending on scenarios within the game. This equaled (now equals) many possibilities.

Memories range from crashing into the mountains at the beginning and hearing Slippy (one of the main character's friends) say "Nooooooooo... !", to finding out the cool thing that happens when I was finally able to save Falco on the first level, and doing barrel rolls to make the laser bullets of enemies bounce off... and multiplayer was fun too... and... and...

In short, Starfox 64 was my first favorite video game. It featured rumble, a branching storyline, cool 3-D graphics... and it was definitely a challenge. This was one of the greatest games that anyone could play. I anticipate hearing how true this version is to the original, and I'd drop ten bucks to see how I could play it now.


Jason Guidry said...

I really enjoyed Starfox 64, and was quite dissapointed with the GameCube remake: Starfox Assault.


SDtektiv said...

Hmm, it will be interesting to see where they go if they make a Starfox for Wii. Gameplay-wise, will it be a sequel to the original or more of the GameCube-style Starfox?

I never had a GameCube but what I saw was that there was some running around instead always traveling in a vehicle, maybe that was a mistake?